Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Lessons from SS Rajamouli

The tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli has created history with his recent venture ‘Magadheera’ and not just in terms of breaking the box office records, he has set a new benchmark to the Telugu film industry and perhaps the Indian cinema by coming up with such a mega blockbuster.

However, the man has not got into anything ambitious and is currently said to be busy with the making of his new movie ‘Maryada Ramanna’ with super comedian Sunil. Well, the expectations usually tend to go high but then Rajamouli anticipated such thing and so he is playing a safe game with this project.

Those who have followed his career moves say that he is truly a man to reckon with when it comes to planning. With ‘Maryada Ramanna’, Rajamouli knows that the stress factor would not be that intense and this in a way is a good learning point for many other directors. Hats off Rajamouli!!!

Meanwhile, ‘Magadheera’ has been running strongly not just in one or two but a total of 110 theaters. Now, the best part is, all these theatres belong only in the Naizam area. Not only that, the collections are said to be going solid across all theatres.

Sources reveal that the film has cast a spell over the Naizam audience and there are those who have been coming for repeated shows. While the visual grandeur is one aspect, many say that the film leaves with a high level of courage and motivation which has become a crowd puller. Way to go ‘Magadheera’!!!

source: great andhra

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