Friday, March 22, 2013

The Twitter Guys

The Twitter Guys

I joined Twitter in April, after Ryan Seacrest kept telling my family how great the service was. Since then, I’ve attracted more than 2.5 million followers—more than Ryan himself, not to mention Oprah and Barack Obama! Twitter is an incredible way to interact with my fans, and I use Twitter both to share the professional stuff, like a sneak preview of a magazine cover I’m on, as well as the everyday, fun stuff about my life. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to ask them questions and get an immediate response. I used Twitter to pick the color for my new perfume bottle—I uploaded a picture of two options, light pink and dark pink, and let the fans decide. They’re the ones ultimately buying it, so they should be involved in the creation process. When I’m feeling tired, or bored, or just a little off, I turn to my Twitter followers for motivation. They’ll get me up off my butt and into the gym. One time I was at a photo shoot and feeling down, but the inspirational quotes and hysterical YouTube videos my fans sent me via Twitter helped brighten my mood. I had to learn early on that you can’t share everything about your life: when I twittered about how fun it was to bowl at Lucky Strike, a crowd of paparazzi arrived at my lane. But Twitter has made it possible for me to have a really special relationship with my fans that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.

source: the week

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